Soft-Sided Cases & Bags


Ehmke Manufacturing Company is a custom manufacturer of sewn cases and bags, such as padded cases, hard cases, and plastic injection-molded cases.

Our soft-sided products include:

  • Promotional cases
  • Computer cases
  • Electronic cases
  • Medical cases
  • Custom athletic¬†bags
  • Garment bags

We also include a variety of hard-sided products:

  • Injection-molded cases
  • Rotational-molded cases
  • Blow-molded cases
  • 100% watertight cases

Our heavy-duty military style cases come built with retractable handles, spring-loaded side handles and heavy-duty built-in wheels.

Our soft-sided cases are available with an assortment of custom-designed foam inserts. If you have a unique component that needs protection during transportation and handling, our Engineering Department can help design a case specifically for you.

Soft-Sided Cases and Bags by Ehmke Manufacturing Company