Tie Down Straps


Using high-quality tie down straps is paramount when securing an aircraft or items on an aircraft.

The right tie down straps, web assemblies and anchoring systems ensure that your aircraft does not get damaged and that personnel does not get injured.

Ehmke Manufacturing Company manufactures a full array of load straps, web assemblies, cargo tie downs and net assemblies utilizing many different hooks, buckles, attachments, D-Rings, lengths and load capacities.

Our automated and computerized machinery capabilities include cutting, sewing, eyeletting, heat sealing, grommeting, fabric welding, riveting, and hole punching.

Because many of our tie down straps are used in life-critical situations, quality and dependability are non-negotiable. Since 1929, we have earned our reputation of superior quality by exceeding even the most demanding quality standards.

Tie Down Strap by Ehmke Manufacturing Company
Tie Down Strap by Ehmke Manufacturing Company