FOD Protection


Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in your manufacturing facility or during a deployment can cause damage that costs the military millions of dollars every year.

FOD is any object that does not belong in or near an aircraft and, as a result, can injure personnel and damage the aircraft.

FOD includes a wide range of materials, including loose hardware, metal and composite fragments, tools, scrap materials, sand, stones and airborne debris.

FOD can affect aircraft engines, avionic controls, environmental controls, fuel lines, and mechanical devices causing extensive damage.

Ehmke Manufacturing Company has helped support FOD prevention programs at the Boeing Company and other defense contractors to help minimize the affects of the debris.

Our FOD Protection products include engine & nacelle covers, Environmental Control System (ECS) caps & pugs, pilot tube padded covers, rack curtains, paint booth skirts, and work pads.

V-22 FOD Protection by Ehmke Manufacturing Company
FOD Safety - C17 Engine Inlet Cover by Ehmke Manufacturing Company

Ehmke Manufacturing Company has custom-design organizers for a quick and easy visual check to ensure all FOD products are returned to their correct location for re-use.

A well-designed FOD prevention program using custom-designed FOD products by Ehmke Manufacturing Company can enhance aircraft protection and help significantly reduce your repair cost and the downtime of your aircraft.