US Marine Corps Temporary Shelter Support Items

Case Study: Manufacture of U.S. Marine Corps Temporary Shelter Support Items

Customer: Subcontractor – Southern US Temporary Shelter Fabricator

Services: Manufacturing

Commencement: May, 2004

Sales Volume to Date: $1.65 Million

Project Summary

Our Prime Contractor experienced significant growth over the past 6 years and turned to Ehmke Manufacturing Company for additional manufacturing resources. Ehmke has assumed manufacturing responsibilities for temporary shelter liner bags, repair kit bags, and tent bags to support our customer’s deliveries to U.S. Marine Corps units during deployments to the Middle East.

Ehmke Manufacturing Company uses a Kanban System of replenishment so customers receive their products exactly when they want them without carrying any unnecessary inventory.

This proactive inventory control approach has helped reduce their overall program costs.

Customer Profile

The Prime Contractor is the leading provider of rapid-deploying mobile infrastructure for military, homeland, and industrial field operations. Our customer’s products are recognized around the world for their proven performance in the harshest environments and for their first class training and support. Their full line of products give turnkey solutions for the military’s mobile application, whether it’s command and control, medical or base camps.