Temporary Sewing Facility

Case Study: Temporary Sewing Facility

Customer: Large Defense Contractor

Services: Design, Engineer, Manufacture and Install a complete soft interior for a specialized electronic warfare fixed wing aircraft

Commencement: Since 2013


The customer typically works under compressed delivery schedules to modify many structural, air frame, electronic and interior elements of the aircraft. Our customers are leading experts in performing the mechanical & electrical modifications, but turned to Ehmke Manufacturing Company to provide a soft interior solution that would meet very stringent performance criteria. In addition, since many elements of the modification will be concurrently happening around the clock, Ehmke Manufacturing Company needed to be extremely flexible in our schedule as to when we could perform our tasks. Custom workarounds and modifications will need to be performed on-the-spot to fulfill our customer’s contract requirements and meet their schedule.

Not only did the soft interior needed to meet the form, fit and function of the contract, it also needed to be visually attractive.


Ehmke Manufacturing Company provided a temporary, ON-SITE, full-service sewing shop set-up next to the aircraft in the hanger to meet our customer’s mission. Ehmke Manufacturing Company designed, engineered, fabricated and installed a full shipset of blankets within a two week period working off shifts and weekends to meet our customer’s deadline. Ehmke Manufacturing Company supplied ON-SITE program management, engineering, sewing machine operators, quality and installers to tailor the soft interior around the various electronic components, avionics and unique features inside the aircraft. In turn, Ehmke Manufacturing Company used no customer’s resources or personnel to complete our tasks.


Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s soft interior portion of the contract was delivered on-time and under budget. Ehmke Manufacturing Company now performs ON-SITE soft interior re-set programs for many customers throughout the United States.

Customer Profile

Our customer operates a full-service aircraft modification center occupying over 430,000 square feet of hanger space with the ability to accomadate aircraft ranging from small rotor-wing to large widebody jets. Our customer specializes in the modification of highly sophisticated electronic warfare fixed wing aircraft.