New Product Development

Case Study: New Product Development

Customer: Local innovative motorcycle manufacturer

Services: Create accessory items to help our customer enter the Military & Law Enforcement markets

Commencement: Since 2012


Our customer had a fantastic reputation in the recreational cycle and motor cross world, but little experience selling to military customers. In addition, our customer wanted to deliver not only the highest performance cycle, but one that was equipped with functional gear that the operator could utilize. The performance spectrum of the AWD cycle fit the mission criteria of the Special Forces almost exactly. Our customer wanted to customize a number of Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s HIGH GROUND gear packs to odder as accessories to their AWD cycle product.

The packs had to be mission-specific and compatible with the potential attachment points on the cycle.


By following Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s New Product Development (NPD) process, we were able to integrate the features of the customer’s requirements into our existing products to offer an economical solution that would increase the value proposition of our customer’s AWD cycle. Ehmke Manufacturing Company developed fender covers. Protective side panels and a converted modular backpack that could be used by the operator on and off the cycle. Easily installed aftermarket kits were created in various military solid & camouflage colors to fit any mission landscape.

AWD 450
AWD 450 Military Left Side


Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s NPD process helped amplify the value of our customer’s product offerings.   This experience has now evolved into a product development service offered to our customers know as Ehmke “Design Days”. A customer can utilize an Ehmke Manufacturing Company engineer and skilled sample sewing machine operator to make their concept a reality. As part of the Ehmke Design Day, a customer walks away after 1, 2 or in some cases, 3 days with a working prototype of their concept.

Customer Profile

An innovative motorcycle manufacturer wanted to enter the Military market space introducing their new all-wheel drive (AWD) technology. The company had developed a lightweight AWD motorcycle that could handle the roughest terrain and harshest environments.