FOD & Safety Protective Products

Case Study:  FOD & Safety Protective Products.

Customer: Large Legacy Air Lines – MRO TechOps

Services: Designed customized FOD Products for their hanger floor during maintenance of their commercial airliners.

Commencement: Since 2014


The Air Line wanted to renew their commitment to Employee Safety and turned to Ehmke Manufacturing Company for help. While performing maintenance on their aircraft, mechanics are exposed to many hazards; including sharp edges, head-level antennas and access doors and various equipment (ladders, scissor lifts) blunt edges. How can Ehmke Manufacturing Company design a FOD & Safety Program that can minimize or eliminate those hazards eliminate injuries (especially head injuries) to their mechanics and greatly reduce damage to assets caused by maintenance equipment; such as the aircraft skin punctures, scraps and impact damage.

Working closely with the customer, it was determined that Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s FOD & Safety Program needed to be visual, easily accessible, quickly deployed, economical and easy to understand.


Ehmke Manufacturing Company custom-designed FOD & Safety Kits for each section of each Fleet type of aircraft. Ehmke Manufacturing Company provided all the engineering & design resources to measure & fabricate individual padded covers, plugs and covers for each component on the aircraft that may present a hazard to the mechanic or equipment. In addition, Ehmke custom-designed padded ladder and lift pads to eliminate damage to the aircraft created by this equipment. Each cover or plug is highly visible and can be quickly deployed on the aircraft. Ehmke’s FOD organizer provides visual accountability of all the FOD parts and makes storage & handling simple.


Ehmke Manufacturing Company’s FOD & Safety Program has significantly reduced hanger floor injuries and repair/rework damage. As a “self-insured” corporation, our customer reduced their Lost Time injuries & medical expenses, improved Company Safety, enhanced hanger floor awareness and reduced the need for costly rework. By any measure, the Ehmke Manufacturing Company FOD & Safety Program has been a fantastic investment.

Customer Profile

One of the largest international legacy air lines in the world operates the largest Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities in the United States. Their airliner fleet includes Boeing 737, 757, 767, 777 aircraft and Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.