Computer, Scanner and Printer Soft-sided Cases

Case Study: Design & Fabrication of Assorted Computer, Scanner and Printer Soft-Sided Cases

Customer: Mid-Atlantic Technology Firm

Services: Subcontractor – Design & Manufacturing

Commencement: April, 2004

Sales Volume to Date: $1.46 Million

Project Summary

Ehmke Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of softsided and hard molded cases to assist our Prime Contractor.

Our company anticipates the next generation of case designs to meet our customer’s mission by having a thorough understanding of the ever-changing technology.

Each case uses a variety of Cordura and ballistic nylons, aluminum casing, wheel assemblies and custom foam inserts.

Customer Profile

The Mid-Atlantic Technology Firm assists the U.S. Military and our Allies through the development and production of computer, printer and scanner hardware. Due to this effort, Badging & Identification systems have been established at military bases and temporary outposts throughout the world. This sensitive identification hardware is subjected to harsh environmental conditions and rugged handling. The technology and equipment evolves every 3-6, therefore new innovative designs are required.