LEAN Manufacturing


LEAN Manufacturing is a methodology created by Toyota after WWII to become more competitive in the marketplace.

After decades of continuous improvement, LEAN initiatives have proven to provide a competitive edge in many industries. By adopting the principles of LEAN Manufacturing, Ehmke Manufacturing Company has the ability to offer our customers improved lead times and enhanced production capacity to meet their demands.

The value of LEAN Manufacturing is the ability to receive products with flawless quality when they’re needed. Through standardization, value stream mapping, cellular manufacturing and our quest of eliminating waste in our production processes, Ehmke Manufacturing Company can offer the best value products and services in the industry. The bottom line is to give you exactly the product our customers want, when they want it.

LEAN Manufacturing has permeated our entire culture at Ehmke Manufacturing Company and our employees receive training on the proven methods of responding to our customers’ requirements. This investment in LEAN helps enable our company to sustain a systematic method of continuous improvement. The result is a significant reduction in customer risk.

Simply stated, LEAN is a philosophy and a proven sustainable approach that aligns everything in the business to deliver increasing customer value. It’s about orienting people and systems to deliver a continuous stream of value to customers, and eliminating waste and deficiencies in the process. LEAN is an everyday practice at all levels of the organization.

Let Ehmke Manufacturing Company be part of your supply chain and show the value of LEAN Manufacturing to you firsthand.