Engineering, Designing & Prototyping


Count on Ehmke Manufacturing Company as your engineering and design resource. Ehmke Manufacturing Company offers a diverse array of engineering, design and prototyping from product development to initial design to product modification to maintenance, rework and overhaul activities. Ehmke Manufacturing Company is a high quality, contract manufacturer of custom designed, build-to-print industrial textile products.

We can reverse-engineer or make cost-effective modifications to your proposed product.

Our in-house staff of design engineers can assist with material and hardware selection and the best methodology to construct your product.

If you’re looking for a single-source product design and manufacturing facility, then Ehmke Manufacturing Company is your choice.

Our experience in the marketplace allows Ehmke Manufacturing Company to offer unique solutions to your custom fabrication requirement by incorporating our extensive network of suppliers.

Engineering, Designing, Prototyping by Ehmke Manufacturing Company