Submitting an RFQ

It is important to us that our customers fully understand the process by which purchase orders flow through our organization. Please review the following process carefully and contact your Ehmke Manufacturing Company sales representative if you should have any questions.

1. Contact our Ehmke Manufacturing Company Government Sales Representative at 215.324.4200 x 128 or E-mail your Request for Quote (RFQ) and any corresponding technical data package (TDP). If you prefer, you can submit your request via our on-line Request for Quote Form. This Form provides us the necessary information to submit a proposal and price quote.

2. Ehmke Manufacturing Company will review the technical and production requirements of your RFQ and typically return a response within 48 hours stating a firm-fixed price, specific delivery schedule and First Article Inspection Report requirement.

3. Following careful review, our customer can proceed with placing an order by submitting a written purchase order via on-line, e-mail, fax or mail.

4. The Ehmke Manufacturing Company Government Sales Representative will acknowledge receipt of our customer’s order and verify all pertinent information.

5. Our customer order will undergo a Quality & Engineering Review to verify all quality standard, material specifications and packaging marking and identification requirements prior to its release to our Manufacturing Department.

6. Upon Quality & Engineering Review approval, an order will be released for Manufacturing based on the required delivery date and availability of material. The Ehmke Manufacturing Company Government Sales Representative will contact our customer immediately if an discrepancies exists.

7. Ehmke Manufacturing Company will begin manufacturing of the First Article Item (if contractually required), 100% inspect and ship to customer with a First Article Report.

8. Upon acceptance, Ehmke Manufacturing Company will manufacture the quantity specified by the customer on their purchase order to the same exact quality standard set forth by the First Article Item.

9. Ehmke Manufacturing Company will deliver our customer’s order on the requested ship date specified in their purchase order. In a rare instance where delivery may be delayed, the Ehmke Manufacturing Company Government Sales Representative will notify the customer as soon as possible with the nature of the delay and present a recovery plan.

10. Following shipment of your order, Ehmke Manufacturing Company will send an itemize invoice to our customer for payment.